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2500 adages for imam Ali (puh)

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2500 Adages of Imam Ali

This is a humble translation for a book that can be considered modern, but the information it contains are of antiquity. This is the book of "2500 adages for imam Ali (puh)."

The book might not contain exactly that number of adages but it might be some number around that.

The book categorizes the adages and sayings in different chapters, each contain a specific branch of life. At the end of the book, there is the "poetic adages" which I have translated without keeping the rhyme, but meaning, as much as possible.

The main translations are taken by meanings and not by translating word for word method, for there are different obstacles that are not avoidable in this way.

A little introduction might be useful to know who is imam Ali (puh). Imam Ali is the cousin of prophet Mohammed (puh), and as Shiites believe, he is the rightful successor and leader to be after the death of prophet Mohammed (puh). But unfortunately, his rights are taken from him and later he became in what is called "Islamic History" to be the fourth caliph for Muslims at that time, ending the period known as the time of "Al-Kholafa' Al-Rashideen" (The guided caliphs). The event of his rule and his rights and what happened to him after the prophet's death is still shrouded with dark clouds, and it is still the main course of debate among the two main branches of Islam, Shia and Sunni.