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The wait is over! MyIntuition is here.

MyIntuition is your perfect companion. For women who have more important things on their minds than pills and periods.
MyIntuition is a menstrual cycle helper and calendar that handles all those important dates for you.

Just provide the day of your last period, your cycle, and the length of your period.
MyIntuition then calculates your probable fertile period, the days left before your next period, the next period probable date and the ovulation probable date.

You can even specify your birth control goal: pregnancy or not. Green and red icons are used to indicate the relevant dates according to the goal selected.

Another common concern has to do with the type of menstrual flow: (heavy, normal, light or spotty). An intuitive drag-and-drop interface is used to mark the dates associated with this information in the calendar, so you don't forget them.

It is also possible to let the app itself to propagate the entered information to the following months. For women with irregular flows a manual option is provided so that the flow type information can be specified for every month.

The main calendar presents the first day of a period, ovulation day and fertile days using the following icons: heart, little sun and stars (the number of start is proportional to the fertility level).
The meaning of these icons can be easily seen through the Legend button at any time.

The main calendar can also display future events based on the provided information

.Main features:

.Most relevant information summarized on the first page.
.Selection of birth control goal: pregnancy or not.
.Flow type manual/automatic through a drag-and-drop interface.
.Educated guess on future menstrual related dates.

Isn't it time to simplify your life?

** Predictions made by this software are aproximated and should not be relied upon for absolute results. There are many and unknown events or personal factors which can significantly alter the results.