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Swiss Ball & Gym Workouts

iPhone / iPad
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This app contains 50 tuitional, informative and easy to follow videos on Swiss Ball Fitness and Gym Workouts.

If you want to get or stay in shape then this app will help inspire you to do just that.

Intro To Ridgeline Fitnessswiss Ball Series
Swiss Ball Crunch
Swiss Ball Straight Leg Bridge
Swiss Ball Side Crunch
Swiss Ball Torso Twist
Swiss Ball Back Extension
Swiss Ball Roll Out
Swiss Ball Alternating Superman
Swiss Ball Knee Tuck
Swiss Ball Spinal Twist
Swiss Ball Sizing
Swiss Ball Pelvic Tilt
Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl
Swiss Ball Quad Extension
Swiss Ball Push Up
Swiss Ball Lateral Pull
Swiss Ball Bicep Curl
Swiss Ball Tricep Extension
Swiss Ball Calf Raise
Swiss Ball Leg Lifts
Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch
Swiss Ball Reverse Extension
Swiss Ball Bent Knee Bridge
Swiss Ball Pike Press
Swiss Ball Prone Torso Twist
Swiss Ball Supine Lateral Roll
Swiss Ball Ab Stretch
2 Min Warmup
5 Min Abs
5 Min No Sweat Home Workout
5 Min No Sweat Work Workout
10 Min Beginner 1 Workout
10 Min Beginner 2 Workout
10 Min Beginner 3 Workout
10 Min Beginner Workout
10 Min Full Body Workout
10 Min Intermediate Back Side Workout
10 Min Intermediate Front Side Workout
10 Min Intermediate Workout
10 Min Lower Body Blast Workout
10 Min Total Circuit Tone Workout
10 Min Upper Body Workout
10 Min Warmup
15 Min Full Body Workout
15 Min Full Body Workout
20 Min Extreme Full Body Workout
20 Min Extreme Strength Workout
20 Min Full Body Workout
20 Min Full Body Workout
20 Min Bikini Blast Workout