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Affirmation Spell - Weight Loss Magic

iPhone / iPad
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There is actually life without overeating! Did you know that? It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fantastic and happy life. And it’s waiting for you! Oh! The catch is – they say you would have to stop overeating and do a bit of exercise. In short, - you would have to lose some weight! You would have to eat some rabbit food! Lettuce, spinach!

You can’t do that! What would your life be without fries, without Cola, without doughnuts? Between you and me, it would be a lot more fun! And you like fun – don’t you?

Do you have any idea how much better and happier you would feel, if you could lose some of your excess weight? How much fun you could have? You would also have much more energy to do the things other people do easily!

You would not only feel better, you would look much better too! If only there was some way, which would make all that healthy food more enjoyable for you – that would be just Magic!

Exactly! Magic!

That’s what you need!

A Magic Spell, which would just shed those pounds off you! In no time you would feel and look great. Full of fun, full of life!
The thing is, there are no real Magic spells like that. Are there?
What do you know?

You are lucky today, because you have that magic spell right here, in front of you, as an iPhone app. You are looking at it!

A real Magic spell, cast for you by a real white witch Vicki Mitchell, who is a resident Mystic at How cool is that? An absolutely real, genuine magic spell!

After you download it, follow the easy instructions. All you have to do, is to:

***** Believe that the spell will work for you.

***** Think hard and with a lot of emotion about how much better your life will be, once you get rid of that excess weight!

***** Follow the prompts to charge up your spell.

***** Listen to the spell being spoken by your iPhone.

***** Go and do something physical. Have some delicious rabbit food! Enjoy life!

Cast the spell at least twice a day. It lasts forever. All you have to do is to believe in it, and it will work for you!
Hey – that sounds Magic!

Well, - of course it does, because it is!
What are you waiting for? Take Action now! What are you waiting for? Take Action now! Time to get some Life into your life!