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iCan'tTalk is a great way to get you out of a long phone conversation. It provides background noise for your phone call to give the caller the impression that you're in a situation where you can't talk. The current version (1.0) comes with eight soundscapes where it is either socially inappropriate to be on the phone or your cellular network would possibly fail.

Arena - National Anthem
Movie Theater

How to Use - iPhone
* When receiving an unwanted call, accept the call and immediately switch to speaker mode.
* Ensure that the phone is not in vibration mode as this will silence all sounds.
* Press the Home Screen Button and navigate to the iCan'tTalk icon.
* Once the app is open, select a sound environment.
* Hold the phone about 5 inches from your face or, if possible, about 5 inches from an acoustically reflective surface, such as a wall or table.
* You can use the volume controls on the side of the phone to fine-tune the noise volume.
* The ambient noise should sound slightly louder than normal to you.
* Each sound setting will provide you with one minute to get off the call.
* To end the call, tap the "Return to Call" bar at the top of the screen, then tap "End Call"

How to Use - iPod
* Operation is much the same as for the iPhone. Hold the iPod about 1.5 feet from your face with the speaker facing you.
* You may change the distance and volume of iPod depending on the level of noise around you and the specific phone model you're using.
* Remember: the noise coming from the iPod should sound somewhat louder than the corresponding environment would to you.

* While the ambient noise may not sound realistic to you, we've engineered it to be as accurate as possible on the other end of the call by comparing noise profiles of real and artificial environments using frequency-response analysis. Specific results will depend on the phone and carrier of the caller, the level and nature of ambient noise on your end of the call, and the gullibility of the caller.

Future Updates
* More sound settings.
* Optimization of soundscapes for use with iPod and separate phone.
* "Red Button" functionality to provide an immediate excuse to end the call.
* Real-time impulse-response evaluation of environment to better adjust volume level and reverberation of output soundscapes.
* Send any comments, issues, or suggestions to: