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This is admittedly a ridiculous app. It randomly generates images that are supposed to look like paintings by Piet Mondrian. To generate a new one, select the "Create" button. If you like the picture, you can save it to your camera roll with the "Save" button. Tap the screen to show or hide the buttons. That's it.

Each image is composed of black perpendicular lines. Some of the rectangles formed by these lines are filled with primary colors. To me, these look exactly like paintings by Mondrian. Any scholar of Mondrian would probably disagree with me.

The first time I saw a painting by Piet Mondrian, I was annoyed that it was even hanging in an art museum. It was so abstract and so simple, that I was certain that anyone who claimed to understand some deeper meaning through it must be lying, either to me or to themselves.

I was sure I could paint an image as well as Mondrian. Upon further reflection, I'm less certain I could create a painting that could intrigue anyone as much as Mondrian's paintings have. After learning more about Mondrian and his career as a painter, I certainly respect him more that I did when I first saw one of his paintings.

I believe if you try hard enough to see something interesting, odds are you can find it. I find when I am looking at Mondrian paintings, I discover thoughts and feelings. I don't know how much of what I think or geel was planted there by Mondrian. For whatever reason, the paintings work for me.

I don't know if this app produces art or not. The original Mondrian painters are works of art, created by a pioneer in abstract art with years of experience and study. These are created in less than a second by an algorithm. I do know that I like some of these little creations more than others.

I am surprised as much as anybody that these could mean anything to me. I hope they mean something to you.