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Flying Chess

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Flying chess
It's a very classical board game,suits both for children and adults.
The Rules of the Game:
It's quite simple,by throwing dice,the player can decide the number of the steps which his plane will go foward, the winner is the one who first make his four planes all arrive to the terminal and the four planes will be back to the parking apron and not be controlled anymore.

Game Characteristics
The abundant game items make the game not only diversity but also interesting.At the same time,the planes in both sides have ultrastrong battle effectiveness.According to the number of the dice,player can make the opponent's plane back to the parking apron,and also make the anterior opponent's plane drop back by launching a guided missile.There're many other rules such as "plane collision","jump over the chessboard","speediness route"and so on,which greatly make the game more interesting.
Items Characteristic
Tornado item, when the plane passes chessboard which marked with tornado,the plane can be blown to any checker.(except the parking apron and safing areas).
Six, when you throw dice,the number must be 6.
Mist missile, all the opponents' planes in the map stop going foward for a round, but the mist missile won't affect your own planes.
Aerial tanker,the player can get one more chance to throw dice after throwing it.
Long range missile,your plane can shoot missile to attack opponent's one plane which is in front of you for 3 to 5 checkers.
So just enjoy this game!