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Toddler French: Bonjour!

iPhone / iPad
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Toddler French helps toddlers learn basic French words in a fun and entertaining manner; but more importantly, it helps toddlers become familiar with basic French sounds. Languages are made up of short basic sounds (called phonemes). We have carefully selected objects making sure that each and every distinct sound in the French language is represented in the words and objects.

With this app, crafted carefully by an expert, your child's little ears and mouth will get accustomed to French sounds, making it easier for them to learn the language more formally latter on.

Studies all over the world show that language skills are established early in life given the amazing learning abilities young children have. Later on, as we all know, it’s so much harder!

In this app your little one will find:

• entertaining and eye-catching images
• French words' sounds for common objects easily applied in everyday life activities (see list below)
• words spoken by a friendly native speaker
• a manageable list of words crafted for toddlers with limited attention span and a great love for repetition
• easy navigation through arrows and intuitive finger slide for them to be in control
• easy activation

Suggestion on how to use this app:
Help your child identify and match the objects with ones you may have at your house. Encourage them to say them out loud, and later on, try to include French words into their daily routine a few words at a time.

Images and words in this app:

Ball - ballon
Doll - poupeé
Tricycle - tricycle
Bread - pain
Train - train
House - maison
Shoes - chaussures
Guitar - guitare
Book - livre
Dog - chien
Cat - chat
Rabbit - lapin
Butterfly - papillon
Cloud - nuage
Flower - fleur
Milk - lait
Apple - pomme
Orange - orange
Cookie - biscuit
Egg - oeuf
Spoon - cuillère
Plate - assiette
Bicycle - vélo
Fingers - doigts
Bucket - seau
Fire - feu
Giraffe - girafe
Lamb - agneau
Foot - pied
Watermelon - pastèque

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Learning fun. Fun learning.