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Bible Names

iPhone / iPad
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This application provides a list of all names that appear in the 1611 King James Version of the Bible (public domain) organized either by alphabetic order (default) or by decreasing number of citation references in the Bible. The user also has an option of organizing the information by gender (male, female, either or unknown) in alphabetic order. Upon selecting a specific name, a card will appear giving some information on the selected name, as number of citations (how many times the name appears referred in the Bible), where it appears for the first time (old or new testament), which is the first citation and what is the meaning of the name. There is also a link to Wikipedia that will lead to the specific page on the Wikipedia site (public domain). Tapping on the card makes it flip and on the reverse we have the Bible text for the first citation where appears the selected name. If there is more than one citation for the name, a link to all citations will appear, leading us to a list from where we can choose a specific citation. When clicking on the desired citation, a pop-up window will appear displaying the referred text.
As a nice feature, the user will have available the whole Bible text (old and new testament). He can choose which book he wants to read and select the chapter and verse. Upon selection, the desired text will appear in a pop-up window.
This is an application that can be used to find the meaning of names if you are choosing baby names or it can be used in Sunday school for quickly locating where a specific character appears in the Bible, as well as for reading the Bible text.

You can read the entire Bible and search for any phrase within the Bible.