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iKata Pro (空手道)

iPhone / iPad
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iKATA PRO is currently in review for an update in order to work properly on iOS 7. If you have installed iOS 7, or are willing to install it in the near future, please wait on our upcoming update before downloading or purchasing iKATA PRO. Thank you for your patience and for your understanding. Our dev team.

COMPLETE REFERENCE: An essential reference illustrating in details all traditional Kata of the worldwide popular Shotokan style of Karate.
COACHING EDUCATION: To help for preparing grades examinations for the Shotokan style of Karate.

For less than the price of a serious Kata book or a good DVD on Kata education, you can have with you not only a top quality illustration of all the Katas available in Shotokan, but also a detailed memo of all the Katas that you will need for examinations from the white belt up to the black belt (superior Dan); including of course the complete list of Shotokan Kata admitted for competitors.

What is iKATA KARATE project?
iKata Karate (Beginner & Pro versions) are educational tools aimed to help Karate students, professors, coaches, or judges and referees, to remind more easily a specific pattern in a comprehensive manner, while offering a significant resource and overview about the style Shotokan on a mobile support. You can bring and use iKata everywhere and without any connection required (i.e. in a dojo or on a trip).

Including a simplified MENTAL VISUALIZATION TOOL for every Kata :
A pattern with an arrow on top side of the screen is presented on every movement for pedagogical scope. IT allows a fast and durable memorization of the important kata directions that you will have to keep in mind. A primary step is to always have a good symbolic orientation within the Kata. The second goal is to help develop a crystal clear vision for every group of actions together with detailed techniques. To support this efforts, the traditional patterns which seems unreadable and complex on more advanced Katas, -even for advanced karatekas- have been modified on the drawing to reveal their educational logic.

A collection of detailed animations exclusively focused on the ESSENTIAL points :
Better than a real video, the major advantage of iKata illustrated resources is to facilitate the memorization effort involved for learning a Kata more than any other individual method (i.e. videos, books, drawings). Whatever the grade and/or level of expertise, iKata reduces the mental process required by the karateka or the coach. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to work in parallel with an expert professor to understand all the Bunkai (self-defense / fighting explanations) and rhythm situations that are hidden in a Kata .

The PRO version provides all Katas listed below (A & B):

A. Basic Katas (Shotokan ryu)
1. Taikyoku Shodan
2. Heian Shodan
3. Heian Nidan
4. Heian Sandan
5. Heian Yodan
6. Heian Godan

B. Official Tokui Katas list for competitions and/or traditional examinations (WKF and major karate organizations):
1. Bassai Dai
2. Bassai Sho
3. Kanku Dai*
4. Kanku Sho
5. Tekki Shodan
6. Tekki Nidan
7. Tekki Sandan
8. Hangetsu
9. Jitte
10. Enpi
11. Gankaku
12. Jion*
13. Sochin
14. Nijushiho
15. Gojushiho Dai
16. Gojushiho Sho
17. Chinte
18. Unsu
19. Meikyo
20. Wankan
21. Jiin
(*) Shitei Kata according to the World Karate Federation.

NOTE: More content might be added in future updates, in return to your positive vote rating on the iTunes store, so do not hesitate to let us know in case of satisfaction. Thank you very much for your appreciated support.

ATTENTION: The app size is 600MB. The download is recommended via iTunes and might take significant time to load. We thank you for your patience and comprehension.