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Stop Smoking in One Hour

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Stop Smoking in One Hour by Valerie Austin

It doesn’t involve, drugs, it doesn’t involve patches, it doesn’t involve gum and it doesn’t involve fake cigarette…at last – a foolproof way to kick the habit!

Top consultant hypnotherapist specialist and hypnotherapy trainer, with over 20 years experience, Valerie Austin reveals her amazing techniques to help you stop smoking once and for all. She guides you through simple stages of self-hypnosis that will stem the craving and leave you wondering why you ever needed cigarettes.

It really works! This technique has a remarkable success rate and research figures prove that it is the easiest way to stop smoking. In 1968 Von Dedenroth reported in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis a stop smoking success rate of 94% over an 18-month period with no less than a 1,000 smokers. My Stop Smoking In One Hour technique, which has many similarities to Dedenroth’s work and not surprisingly has achieved comparably high success-rate in my private practice in Harley Street.

I am delighted to put my experience in helping thousands of smokers quit, into a practical guide to stopping smoking packed with the most advanced self hypnosis techniques on the market.

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to quit.
‘I smoked 20 a day for four years. Val hypnotized me into stopping with just one session. She’s incredible!’

‘There is no question. Val’s technique really does work. Try it!’

‘Val is the guru of self-hypnosis’

‘If you want to give up smoking, look no further. It works.’

Why choose this book
· Valerie Austin has over 20 years of experience in stopping people smoking.
· For the past 20 years top hypnotherapists from all over the world have come to learn her One Hour Stop Smoking method
· She is considered an expert in the field of hypnosis with a world-wide reputation. Having written five highly successful books published by major publishers which have been translated into many languages including Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish and Bahasa Malaysia.
· She was commissioned in the late 90’s by the Dean at the University Kebangsaan, Malaysia to teach her Advanced Hypnotherapy course to a selection or teachers, students and a professor at this leading University of psychology. The Health Minister and leading academics was televised giving his approval for her ‘Stop Smoking Technique’ as he presented her graduates with their diploma for her 7-day advanced hypnotherapy course.

· She coined the words ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ in the late 80’s thought impossible to quit in such a short time but proved extraordinary successful and is now considered the norm. Many therapists have copied her title and even her success-rates and there have even been other books with the same title but she believes that imitation is the highest form of flattery.