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Is ERnie an attORney?

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Is ERnie an attORney? is a simple game that was designed by professional pronunciation trainers and produces amazing results in allowing non-native speaker to quickly and efficiently improve their pronunciation of the English language.
American English vowel sounds are difficult for second language learners because English has no clear sound-spelling relationship. Five vowel letters and their different combinations create 15 vowel sounds. Most vowel sounds are spelled many different ways. For example, the I sound, as in pink, may be spelled “ee” as in been, “i” as in sit, “o” as in women, “u” as in busy, “ui” as in guitar, or “y” as in system! And, some identical letter combinations are pronounced differently.
Is ERnie an attORney? contains high quality recording of 750 questions and 3 times as many answers. Practicing the game for only short time a day produces amazing results. It creates the awareness for correct pronunciation of the vowel sounds you use in your professional or daily life. You will be rewarded when friends, teachers, business partners, or coworkers let you know that they noticed the difference.