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Periodic Table Shoot 'em Up

iPhone / iPad
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Find memorizing the periodic table a little tedious? Need to blow off some steam? Well now you can grab your six-shooters and blast those stinkin' elements to pieces! This application is designed to help you gain familiarity with the periodic table. You develop confidence and the ability to fast-locate elements all in an approachable game-like setting.

In Periodic Table Shoot 'em Up you're given a periodic table and an element name. Identify the element symbol on the table using the touchscreen. BOOM -- you'll know you're on target when the element explodes with gun-blazing sound and action! When the smoke clears, your element is highlighted so you can review its location and atomic number before proceeding.

Having trouble getting in a shot? A cowboy mascot narrows your search a bit by looking towards the element in play. For your next hint, the element group is named and highlighted to help you along and reinforce element classifications. For transition metals you also get a "spotlight" hint to narrow your search to a manageable area.

While question generation is random, heavy priority is given to the elements encountered in a beginning chemistry course. The game, however, does include all named elements, atomic numbers 1 through 112 for an added challenge. Players can also opt to run the entire periodic table alphabetically for a complete review.

Scoring results are given for each round of 10 so you can track your progress and watch those scores improve. Top shooters will try to fire each shot before the hint appears and get a "quickdraw" bonus. Take turns with your classmates and see who's the better shot. You'll know the periodic table like the back of your hand in no time!