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Worried about whether you are being overcharged at the checkout? Tired of getting home only to find that the store charged you full price instead of the sale price for an item?
ShopSaver can ensure you don't get overcharged at the checkout, as you know in advance how much the total should be. You are then made aware of any price discrepancies before you leave the store.

Have you ever been shopping with a limited budget, used a calculator to add up your items as you went and then realised that the last item will make you exceed your budget? If you put something else back other than the last item, how will you know what the new total is without having to go searching through the store for the price again?
Using ShopSaver you can easily remove any item from your Shopping List and the Item Total will be updated for you.

If you are doing a small shop and there is an express lane with 15 Items or less, rather than waste time counting your items only to discover you have 16 and in the meantime the normal checkouts just got busier, with a glance at the Total Quantity in ShopSaver you can see if you qualify.

Want an easy way to see which of your favourite shops has the lowest price for your regularly bought items? Add them as Shops in ShopSaver and after you have visited your first Shop and you have added your items, they will be available in the Item Library for all future Shops and Shopping Lists. When you add that Item from the Item Library and enter a cheaper price, it will record the new price as well as where and when you found it.

Are you one of those people that loves going through their junk-mail looking things to add to your ‘most-wanted’ list? Do you then later find yourself at the Shops only to have forgotten what they were or what Shop they were at?
As you go through your junk-mail, add your Shops, Items and prices to ShopSaver and you will have your lists with you everywhere you go.

• Add or remove Shops
• Add or remove Items in your Shopping List
• Add Branch names to your shops
• New items you create are added to the Item Library automatically, allowing for easy selection next time
• Quickly search your Item Library and make a selection with the precision search function
• Multiple select items from the Item Library
• Customise shop logos using your Photo Albums for easy recognition
• Options screen allows you to change your currency symbol plus more
• Cheapest price per item, the date the price was updated and the shop name is saved for your reference
• Have the choice of ticking off items as you go and have them move automatically to the end of the list
• The starting currency symbol is locale based, allowing for all available locale currency symbols.
• The default item price from items within the Item Library use the last price used for that item (if price data exists).
• Email any of your lists within ShopSaver to any email address, including access to all your contacts in your Address Book.
• On Special/Sale prices for items. "3 for $10" type specials also available and unit pricing calculated for you.
• Choose an image for your items:
iPod touch® users can choose an image from their Photo Album for their items.
iPhone® users can choose an image either from their in-built camera or from their Photo Album.
• Item Size allows you to enter any size or any unit of measure for your item.
• Choose from 529 different colour combinations to personalise ShopSaver.