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李丞責虎年互動通勝 2010

iPhone / iPad
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你的 iPhone 互動通勝大師!

互動功能遠超 App Store 其他只供瀏覽宜忌資料的產品。

* 可輸入多人出生年月日。適宜一同行事之日子,即時一目了然
* 例如:輸入三個生意伙伴之出生時辰資料,即可查看所選日期內適宜開張之吉日
* 自動排除與各人相沖之凶日
* 可排除特定日子,如星期一、二、日之類
* 直接寄出查詢結果
* 即時中英內容切換

通勝擇日之法,自古以來均廣泛地應用在中國人生活之中。「李丞責 2010 虎年通勝」不僅為你提供每日詳細吉凶、宜忌資料、財神喜神方位,更按照你的出生年月日時,就現今城市生活經常應用的陽宅32項行事,詳列最適合你選用的日子,助你更有效地趨吉避凶。



* 熱切求好運的心
* iPhone 或 iPod Touch 3.0 及以上

Your iPhone Feng Shui Master !

In this "Lucky Days 2010" iPhone App, Master James Lee advices you the suitable and unsuitable activities, God of wealth & happiness presides for each day in Lunar year 2010. He also helps you to find out the lucky days and lucky hours in the year. In addition, according to your date of birth, he guides you to select suitable dates and hours for your major 32 events, such as Wedding, Grand Opening, Signing Contract, Lawsuits, Travelling, etc...


* Discover the power of traditional Chinese Fung Shui wisdom
* Choose your lucky days in 2010 for important activities
* Check lucky days for 32 different activities like Engagement, Wedding, Meeting Friends, Travelling, Planting, Buying Pets, Hair Cutting, etc...
* Calculate lucky days for a group of friends or partners. e.g. Calculate the possible good days for opening a business of 3 partners
* Exclude unwanted weekdays in calculation
* Email them your findings from iPhone
* Bilingual instant switching (English & Chinese)


* Passionate heart to good luck
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 and above