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Daytime Affirmations on Stopping Smoking

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Half of all smokers will die prematurely. Some 440,000 deaths are attributed to smoking annually. Every organ in the body has been linked to a disease that smoking caused. Adjusted for inflation, smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs a smoker $100,000 over his or her lifetime.

These statistics are straight out of the office of the U.S. Surgeon General and are compelling enough to prevent anyone from starting the deadly habit. But for the millions of Americans who are trying to stop smoking, mortality rates, economic impacts and physical impairment statistics won’t do the trick. What can do the trick, however, are affirmations and hypnosis: an alternative that’s becoming a standard smoking cessation procedure.

Consumers looking for avenues in which to quit smoking have a lot of choices—patches, gum, cold turkey, support groups, carrot sticks and hard candy are but a few of them. While these avenues have worked for some, they don’t get to the heart of the problem, or shall we say the “brain” of the problem.

Daytime Affirmations and hypnosis put a patient into a relaxed state of mind, aid in adjusting the users' thought process, which enables him or her to resist the temptation for a cigarette when the enticement rears its ugly head. This is the essential difference between affirmations/hypnosis and other methods: as affirmations/hypnosis delves into the person’s subconscious, and fixes the underlying issue; other methods merely mask the addiction, feeding it bit by bit until the nicotine craving—hopefully—diminishes.

Daytime Affirmations are a completely safe, straightforward, drug-free and 100% natural alternative. These recordings are developed and recorded by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed, Clinical Hypnotherpist. As half-hour scripts from a full hypnosis session, they provide positive affirmations without any music or relaxation suggestions. Daytime hypnosis reinforces and affirms the power of hypnosis - during the daytime! iPhone users can play these affirmations throughout the day to empower themselves.