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Daytime Affirmations on Overcoming OCD

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Daytime Affirmations and hypnosis are an effective, drug free way to overcome OCD. Recent investigations into the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have found that behavioral modification therapy can provide some relief and put sufferers back on track for a much less anxious lifestyle. Behavior modification and the thought processes that lead up to it are what affirmations and hypnosis are all about.

Part of the thought process of someone with OCD is a belief that the ritual they perform is able to solve the problem. For example, if there is a fear that objects around them are contaminated with germs the obsessive-compulsive behavior becomes excessive hand washing. Daytime Affirmations are able to turn fears such as this into rational thoughts about what is truly contaminated and what isn’t. Affirmations are also able to modify behaviors resulting from fears.

Daytime Affirmations are a completely safe, straightforward, drug-free and 100% natural alternative. These recordings are developed and recorded by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed, Clinical Hypnotherpist. As half-hour scripts from a full hypnosis session, they provide positive affirmations without any music or relaxation suggestions. Daytime hypnosis reinforces and affirms the power of hypnosis - during the daytime! iPhone users can play these affirmations throughout the day to empower themselves.

Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist who created this program called “Overcoming OCD.” This program teaches relaxation and also changes perceptions about fears and how to deal with them. This is an effective way to relieve OCD and put the mind of the OCD sufferer at ease.