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Words : World Party Search

iPhone / iPad
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Tired of the same old Word Search apps? Time to break free of the rest with Words : World Party Search! From the creator of the popular World Party Trivia apps comes a great new series of word search games with the same focus on quantity of contant and quality. Are you the best word searcher there is? This game will let you prove it to yourself, the world, and all of your friends. With point-based games and normal games, online leaderboards, smooth OpenGL graphics, a commitment to software excellence, lots of hand made word themes and an easy method for reporting erroneous puzzles, the World Party Search games have it all!

Game Types:

• Quick Challenge quizzes you with a single word search puzzle. Just right for a fun little trip down word search lane.

• Endurance Challenge quizzes is a continuous stream of puzzle after puzzle. How fast can you solve five puzzles? How about ten? There are not limited in the endurance challenge!

• World Party quizzes are a no-hassle method for getting quick and dirty with a little competitive word searching. You have a set time period to find your next word; the faster your find it, the more points you earn. Everyone gets ranked on the World Party Leaderboards. This is your chance to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are the best word searcher there is!


• SUPER EASY WORD SELECTION. Using techniques we've developed specifically for World Party Search, all of our search games incorporate advanced algorithms to anticipate which letter you are going to select. Similar to techniques used to make the iPhone's keyboard so nice, we make sure you don't need to have "toothpick" fingers to play this game. ALL BUTTER FINGERS ARE WELCOME!

• NO REPEATS. Annoyed with other word search games which keep presenting you with those same old words? All of the World Party Search apps are designed with a "NO REPEATS" policy in mind. That means you will see ALL of the puzzles at least once before you will see any repeats.

• HAND CRAFTED PUZZLE THEMES. We have over 100 hand-crafted puzzle themes, each theme containing ten to thirty unique words! Combine this with our "NO REPEATS" attitude, and that means you will need to find almost 3,000 unique words before you see the same word again!

• SELECT WORDS FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS. Makes no difference when you use a pencil, so we made sure it makes no difference to us either!

• AMAZING INTERFACE: Sleek, beautiful, OpenGL powered, smooth interface designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

• BRAGGING RIGHTS. With Email, Facebook, and Twitter integrated directly in the app it has never been easier to tell all of your friends exactly the kind of word search buff you are.

• NO TIMER SKIPS. Have you played other timer-based games where the timer will skip a second here or there? With the timer being a large factor in point-based games, we've decided enough is enough. All of the World Party Search games have been painstakingly tested so that all of our seconds are accounted for.

• WEEKLY PUZZLE REVIEWS. Stumble across a poorly worded puzzle or a grammar typo? Don't you wish there was an easy way to report it, maybe even get it fixed in a timely manner? Now there is! Just SHAKE YOUR PHONE when this happens, and you will be able to report the offending puzzle with a single touch. We review all reported puzzles once a week, and we publish those fixes weekly.

• FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Since we hand-craft all of our puzzle themes, you won't be surprised with any bad words here. And if something slips through, just SHAKE YOUR PHONE and we'll review!