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******Enhance your Zen... Take control of your Chi...*******
Its time for you to hold your nerve and capture a fly in midair through the cunning use of chopsticks. Revolutionary and innovative motion controls, not seen anywhere else, bring you intuitive and free movement to catch that fly!

It's all in your timing! Hold the chopsticks keeping both your fingers on the screen. When you are ready to pounce on the unsuspecting fly, just pinch together. You have to time it just right to capture the fly between the tips of the stix. Train your skills and reflexes to catch the increasingly swifter and craftier fly and achieve the Masters ranking.

Grading Game –
In Stage 1, you will have to catch two flies. Press the 'belt' to select your skill level. And it's time to catch those flies... Upon seizing them, you will be upgraded to Stage 2! Advancing here you will be presented with the task of using the skills learnt in Stage 1 to catch that fly. BUT there is a ‘catch’: You only get once chance to catch that fly. If it gets away, you have to start the level all over again!

Challenge Game –
The countdown is on! You have 20 seconds to catch the pesky fly. If you can trap it in time, another fly will buzz across your screen, taunting you to catch it as well. It won’t be as slow as the first, so you will have to work harder to nab it. So, chop, chop! Pick up your sticks and see if you are fast enough to trap your annoying pest!

May the winds be with you along the path to becoming a Chopstix Master!