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EnguFengu Free

iPhone / iPad
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This is the free version of the game "engufengu". It's a promotional version of the full game and has a limited number of levels.
If you like the game then please download the full version.

What is EnguFengu ?

EnguFengu is a game of skill with marbles which are moved using the phones Accelerometer. Tilt the phone and the marbles move in the corresponding direction.

See an video on youtube by searching for engufengu:

How to Play:

The game consists of a playing surface which can be tilted. In this surface there are a number of holes, wooden blocks, circles and marbles. When the surface is tilted the marbles roll and can fall into the holes.

The goal of the game is to get each grey marble in an corner hole. You have 30 seconds to complete this task. When you start the game a timer begins to countdown from 30. As soon as you pot a marble the time will be added to your score. Try not to put let any other marbles fall down the same corner hole because you won't get any points for those and will lose. Every grey marble needs to go down a different corner hole as fast as possible. During the game you will see also blue marbles. Keep them in the game otherwise you lose. Beware of the circle with a red rubber band round it. They accelerate your marbles and you may lose control of them.


During the game you see your level score, the time you have left, and the total score. Try to reach an new level and to increase your total score.

Theoretically there are endless levels because every tenth level you got an new blue marble in the game.

Facebook and Challenge:

From the game you can post your score on facebook or send a challenge to a friend via email.


Every new game sees the wooden blocks, circles and holes placed differently. This means

sometimes you'll find yourself playing an easier game and sometimes it will be more difficult. If you're lucky you'll be able to sink your marbles quicker.


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