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Finally, it's here! This app allows you to calculate, whenever you want , the affinity between you and your partner! Keep in mind , this app is based upon a special algorithm that, also considers also affinity between zodiacal
signs, besides other things.


It's very simple to do the calculation: just fill the field “name” with Your name and then Your date of birth ( in this format: dd/mm/yyyy) then repeat the same for Your partner remember the format: dd/mm/yyyy). At this point, you just
push the "Calculate" button and you'll see the percentage of
affinity immediately!
But.. that’s not all!
In the shaded white box you'll see a phrase that might help you, for example to find out what you should do to increase the affinity !


Easily, you can calculate two kinds of affinity:
-[1]- Giornaliera : this is you affinity day by day. How much are you in love? What do you expect from this day? Look at the result: it might help you improve this day with your partner! (this affinity can change on an hourly basis: always be in the know of the situation of the relationship!)
-[2]- XEver: this is about the similarity in the long term. See how long your relationship will last! In fact, besides the daily uptades, it is important to know if it's your soul mate! The comment might help ...if read accurately ..!

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