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Erhu App

iPhone / iPad
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Perform like a maestro! Discover your musical talent with this unique instrument! Its full dynamics, pitch range, and musical nuances such as vibrato and sliding notes allow you to produce music that truly evokes emotion.

The Erhu app is based on one of the most popular Chinese musical instruments - the two-stringed Erhu (Chinese violin). The Erhu’s characteristic sound can be heard not only in Chinese traditional and folk music, ensembles and orchestras, but also in contemporary music and rock bands.

If you want to play the Erhu, this is the app for that!

You can also use the Erhu app for ear training; it shows you when you hit an accurate note. Plus, with the sliding notes feature you can make fun sounds such as mimicking a person's laugh, or a donkey's braying.

• Reproduces the characteristic sound and dynamics of an Erhu
• Play music with full pitch range (more than 3 octaves)
• Seamless sliding from one pitch to another
• Vibrato
• Helps with ear training

The Erhu app is truly a musical instrument. (And as with any musical instrument, practice makes perfect!)

See the Erhu app played! Check out music demo and tutorial videos at our website:



二胡应用程序也可用来练习音准 - 如果手指按到正确的音调位上, 手指下将会显示黄光。

• 二胡音色和音量控制
• 超过3个八度音阶
• 滑音的工能
• 揉音的工能
• 帮助练习你的音准

二胡应用程序的确是一个乐器。(就如其他的任何乐器一样,熟能生巧, 越练越悅耳!)