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Rec Clock

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
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The Rec Clock is a talking clock, which tells the current time at regular intervals or on demand.


[1] Your voice can be used for time announcement

Preset announce voice can be replaced with YOUR voice or other sounds.
You can record your voice with the iPhone's microphone, and you can use it as an anouncement voice.

[2] You can get the current time while listening the music on iPod

You can operate the iPod (Play/Pause,FF,RR,Music Selection), while the Rec Clock app is running. So you can know the current time while listening the music on iPod.

*Time Announce way

The Rec Clock announces the current time at 3 steps.
(1) Hour (1 to 12)
(2) Upper digit of Minute (0 to 5)
(3) Lower digit of Minute (0 to 9)
For example, the current time is 11:23, then the Rec Clock speaks
"eleven", "two", "three".

*Basic Operations

(1) Announcement Interval Selection

You can choose time announce interval from 1/5/10/15/30/60 minutes. If you tap "5", then the Rec Clock tells the time at every 5 minutes.
If you tap "None", the Rec Clock does not announce the time.

(2) Voice Setting

If you tap "Setting" on the 1st screen, then the 2nd screen "Voice Setting" appears. The "Voice Setting" has 2 modes(Play Mode, Rec Mode), which can be changed "Play Mode" or "Rec Mode" button(toggle action).

In the "Play Mode", you can monitor the sound if you tap the N-button. The preset sound is assigned on each N-button, but you can replace it with your voice in the "Rec Mode".

In the "Rec Mode", you can record your voice and assign the sound to the number(0 to 12). At first, you tap the number-N, and say the number's sound near the microphone, while "Recording Now!!!" is shown. The recorded sound can be heard in the "Play Mode".

(3) Time Annouce on demand

If you tap the time (HH:MM) on the 1st screen, then the current time is announced.

(4) iPod Operation

- If you play music on iPod, then you start the Rec Clock, the information of the playing music(title,artist,albumn) appears on the 1st screen.
- If you tap the music information area, then you can select music.
- The big delta button is Play/Pause (toggle action).