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This is not an address book. This is a tool to change your life. This application will help you to build your real-world social network, which is perhaps the most important single factor in anyone's success.

This application will help you to do two things:
1.) Keep track of what you know about people; their interests, their families, and what you've discussed with them in the past
2.) Use the relationships between people, organizations, and events to review information about those whom you are likely to meet in the near future

Together, these features enable you to be more amiable, more sociable, and more connected to your real-world social graph than ever before. Now, let's look at how the application works.

The heart of the application is its ability to generate précis screens. These screens can be generated for any person, organization, or event in the database in order to quickly present you with the most relevant information about these objects.

For instance, when you pull up the précis screen for a person, you'll see:
* The person's name
* Any general notes you've made about the person
* A list of all the organizations to which the person belongs, along with any notes you've made about those organizations
* A list of all the people to whom the person is connected, along with any notes you've made about those people
* A list of all the meetings you've had with the person; each meeting lists:
-- The other people at the meeting, if any
-- The event at which the meeting occurred, if any
-- Any notes you made about the meeting

This information lets you quickly refresh your memory about a person. The screens for organizations and events serve similar functions; the former gives you a quick overview of everyone you know who is associated with a particular organization, and the latter provides an overview of everyone you met at a particular event.

These reports are hypertext documents, so you can quickly go from one to another, employ the typical browser back- and forward-navigation conventions, and even follow links to outside pages without leaving the application.

Since these reports are only as useful as the information stored in the database, no effort has been spared to make the entry of that information as quick and intuitive as possible. Inspection and editing of the database is accomplished through a network of list, display, and edit screens that allow the user to enter information according to the natural flow of thought.

If you've ever wished you could remember what you talked about the last time you met someone, if you've ever been embarrassed by forgetting someone's name, well, now there's an app for that.