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Throw off the shackles of limited thinking and FEEL BETTER NOW! How delicious is that feeling when you release the thoughts of fear and failure and know that you’re stepping into your power? The only things holding you back are your thoughts and beliefs (and a belief is just a thought that you think over and over.) When you flip your thinking from limited to limitless, you open up the gates to endless possibilities. Stop looking at life through a soda straw. The universe is waiting for you.

LiMITLESS short-circuits the negative, defeated thoughts you’ve been running. Whenever the negative self-talk begins chattering away, open LiMITLESS to stop it and feel an immediate lift. The more you flip, the more you lighten up. Release the destructive patterns of fear, guilt, and self criticism and replace them with trust, pleasure and self-confidence.

Based on the popular Fl!p Your Thinking® flash card decks, the concept is simple and the benefits are immediate. The first card will always be gray (with a closed eye). Flip it to the awakened thought which is in color. As you flip a card back and forth, notice how you feel. Which thought do you choose?
Affirmations can only take you so far. If your subconscious is running a pattern that is contrary to what you are affirming, you’ll get nowhere. Your hope becomes overridden by your doubt. But after working with LiMITLESS, and repeatedly choosing to lose the negativity and replace it with a better thought, a shift begins to happen. Doubt weakens, confidence and positivity grows, and soon you’re back in the flow.

You are surrounded by non-stop breathtaking beauty and miracles everyday and everywhere. What are you focusing on? What is showing up in your life? When you drop the resistance, rigidity, and thoughts of separation, you’ll experience an entirely different journey. You see what you choose to notice. Open the LiMITLESS app every time you turn on your iPhone or iPod Touch and see what message the universe has for you.

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Some early reviews for iProsper:
“I could feel them working immediately! I highly recommend this wonderful and easy to use program.” [5 Stars]
“The more I use it the better I feel. I love sweeping the negativity away…” [5 Stars]
“A few “flips” and I can get my head back into the game faster than any other technique. Thanks a million!” [5 Stars]