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Panoply is an E-Multimedia Composer and an interactive Player.

Panoply is the iPhone version of Panoploid for the iPad.

Create your business card, greeting card, next panoramic photo, ipod playlist, party invitation with directions, travel book with audio/video, executive multimedia presentation, art sketches, music video album with cover art: all on the iPhone.

Device Requirements:
This application runs only on iPhone 4 and above, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.0 or higher.

Similar to E-book, in addition to text and image, you can composite maps and graphics and add 'On Touch Do'(OnDo) directives on composites to play audio, video, show another image or display a web page. Such composites are collectively, in general, referred to as 'Pano(s)' below.

Pano roll can be searched on: location by address, latitude/longitude, a pano caption.

Share pano image via e-mail or Bluetooth.

On 3GS or later, Panoply also helps you capture panoramic views by automatically positioning, sizing and orienting individual photos(max 5) approximately.

Panos can be edited on the spot while capturing or any other time later.

A set of Panos can be collected in a 'Portfolio' and saved.

Panoply manages all of your media resources optimally without duplicating them if possible.

Panoply does not force a workflow or a method. Any moment during capture or creation or modification is the same as any other and all operations are available all the time.

Panoply stores content in a device independent format. This currently means that whenever a pano is edited, modified, and stored back, the changes are applied on the original to maximize the resolution of the result. Looking ahead, it means that should we release Panoply on devices with higher resolution, your current content can be presented on the device with the device native resolution.

Panoply uses database technology to store the contents. Therefore it is fast, responsive and, searchable.

Panoply is built 100% on native iPhone technologies: there are no other third party software or software ported over from other platforms.

In Panoply, what a gesture means is determined by context(graphics, maps, etc.,)as well as settings. This prevents us from having to invent arbitrary distinct gesture for each operation. But it also means that one needs to be aware of the context and settings that might affect a gesture. For example, in graphics workspace, you can create a rectangle, an ellipse, a filled rectangle or, a filled ellipse all with two touches. What gets created depends on the settings.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you at least cursorily go through the 4 pages of info before starting in order to be more productive as well as for a better experience at:

For questions/comments e-mail: or

Quick Reference:

In Panorama workspace, pressing trash button lets you either delete an individual item or all of them depending on mode.

Zoom is available in all tabs when appropriate.
Rotate: Keep one touch fixed and move the second touch around.
Frame: Move two touches a distance apart horizontally or vertically on the pano in edit mode in Panorama tab.

Drag with single touch

Graphical gestures

Two simultaneous touches for the two end points of the line, in open, non-smooth mode.

Rectangle: Same as for a line in closed mode.
Circle and ellipses: the touches for the rectangle which will inscribe it in closed mode.

Filled figures: Same as for closed figure with 'Filled' setting ON.

Track mode: Tracks the touches and create a series of geometries.

On a Pano in the Pano Roll
Right swipe: Sends
Left swipe : Moves it to the Panorama tab.

Single touch on a Pano item in Pano Roll will toggle between Pano and its image super imposed on the world map with the target corner fixed on its geo-position.
Pressing the target corner again displays an 'X' pressing X, deletes the Pano.