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Easy Guitar Chords

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Music
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Do you ever find a guitar song you want to play, but don't know all the chords?

Imagine if you could enter the song chords into your device and find easier ways to play the exact same song (using a Capo). Well now you can 'Easy Guitar Chords'.


- Flexible 6 chord entry:
Allowing you to convert millions of songs whenever you want (covering flats, sharps, minors and 7's).

- Fast:
Use the 'Shake' functionality to convert songs in a matter of milliseconds.


"Great software! Utility that delivers the chords of a song!"

"i like it!"

"This app is one of the best I've used and use it still. Easy to use and a quick reference when writing songs, senior moments are hard to deal with...This makes it easy to use and smile when you finish. Thanks to the creators and developers"

"Very helpful. There's always a tricky chord it seems when I'm trying a new tune. This gives you a good head start and then move on to the actual chords once you've mastered it. Good app!"

"I love this app for how easy it is to just open it up, select which chords are in the song, and easily know what CAPO position you want to use. Or when someone has sprung a key change on you, you can quickly choose the appropriate CAPO for the new key. Great app!"


1 Simply enter the Chords of the Song you want to play.
2 Shake the device.
3 See easier ways of playing the Song (using a Capo).


● This app is based on the musical fact that you can change the key of a guitar song by using a Capo (a clip that can be placed on the guitar).
● By moving the Capo up and down the guitar head you can play the exact same sounding song using different chords.
● This means, for example, if you don't know how to play an F chord, you can simply play a D chord and use a Capo to make the sound of an F chord.

Play chords you don't even know.