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Free to Play Feng Shui Game

iPhone / iPad
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The game to stay Zen! Play with Master Ki and discover Feng Shui! Be Zen, Boost your Positive Energy, and Have Fun!

Play all 4 Game Modes at will (multiple levels available) , then for more fun buy the extended packs for additional levels and no ads! (in-app purchase)

Play this easy to use, immersive and relaxing game with your friends, your kids, your parents...

User-friendly and intuitive

Feng Shui Game has been designed to be intuitive and very easy to use by everyone. Even if you don't play games very often, with Feng Shui Game you will discover the pleasure of casual playing, while exercising your memory and learning something!

Memory training for the whole family!

Everybody can play Feng Shui Game and benefit from its brain training value, from kids (7+) to seniors! In DUO mode, play with your husband or wife, with your kids, with your parents... and with your friends of course!

Immersive and relaxing

Our studio designed the characters and the game elements in order to provide a rich experience while you play. You can really disconnect from the outside world and, with your headphones on, immerse yourself in relaxing moments.

Learn while you play

With Feng Shui Game, you can discover some interesting concepts behind Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese art is all about harmony and balance! The content has been verified and validated by Feng Shui specialists.

4 games to play :

ELEMENTS - In the first 2 levels, Master Ki will help you remember the interaction between the 5 elements in Feng Shui. Learn at your own pace, Master Ki will adapt the training process to your own rhythm!

In the 4 "Celestial Animals" levels, your goal is to increase your Positive Energy level, by choosing the right elements faster and faster! Master Ki is in balance, and at each mistake he leans left or right... When he falls down, game over! There are 4 levels of difficulty, so try this mode every day, and your positive energy will increase rapidly!

ZEN - Now you need to be calm, your brain will relax, your hand will play! Master Ki is again in balance, but:
- the Wind pushes him,
- the Rain makes him heavier,
- the Sun dries him,
- Thunder makes him crazy!
You need to resist the Wind, avoid the Rain, use the Sun when needed, and beware of Thunder!
Learn to master these elements in the 4 Discovery modes, and challenge your zen in the 2 scoring modes.
The Storm mode is easy, but beware of the Tempest mode! Come back everyday to increase your Zen Time!

YIN YANG - They are opposite, but Yin needs Yang, and Yang needs Yin.
- In YIN mode, catch as many energies as possible, white after black, black after white.
- in YANG mode, stay as long as possible...

DUO - Nothing is more fun than challenging a friend! Your friend can download the game to learn the interaction between the 5 elements. Then play together on the same iPhone or iPod Touch!

-- Additionnal features ---

Check Master Ki's Feng Shui tips for each room in your home.

BAGUA - Master Ki will help you make the most out of the game. Unlock stars, he will give you advice, and also 8 Trigrams to win.

GAME CENTER - You can share your achievements, your Positive Energy level and your Zen Time with your friends and with the world through the Game Center, included in Feng Shui Game. You can also share your results with your friends on Facebook or by email.

Feng Shui Game is part of to the "Lifestyle Gaming" series from Happy Blue Fish: improve people's life through quality casual gaming. Did you try Oinawa Game?