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Wake Me Up Anywhere

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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Ever slept through your destination? Or had to keep one eye open to make sure you didn't?

Have you always wished that you could just start your tunes, close your eyes and your iPhone will keep a track of where you are and just wake you up when you're there?

Yes, this has been done before, but there has never been a GPS alarm quite like this.

Wake Me Up Anywhere knows that you don't want to waste half your battery on GPS services. It knows that you don't want to waste valuable data. It knows that you like listening to music. It knows that you want to search for your destination by name and not just by dragging a map around.

It turns off the iPhone's location services once it knows where you are and where you're going, and only turns them back on when you're close to your destination.

It gives you the option of viewing a map of where you are (using up precious data) or viewing album art for your currently playing song. Have limited data with your plan? Then you will love this app. Once you've added your destination, it will even work without any data access at all! Destinations you add are remembered for later use.

If Wake Me Up Anywhere loses its GPS lock, it uses your last known position to calculate a wake-up time, so you'll never miss your destination.

It includes music controls in the interface, you don't have to close the app or fiddle with your headphone remote to change tracks or pause your music.

When the alarm sounds, you can just tap your headphone's remote to turn it off.

You can search for your destination using the excellent points of interest or address, or you can just drag a map around to find where you're going.

Best of all, its heaps cheaper than even one train ticket!

Wake Me Up Anywhere takes advantage of iOS 4's multitasking. It can run in the background and still monitor your location. Please note, however, that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Running Wake Me Up as a foreground app will let it better manage your battery usage.

Note that the app is designed to wake up BEFORE you reach your station, so just because it says the time to check the GPS is "19 minutes", that doesn't mean it'll actually take 19 minutes to get there. Wake Me Up doesn't know exactly how fast you're going, so conservatively wakes up early. Once it obtains an accurate GPS fix, it will go back to sleep if there's still a way to go.

It also employs a secondary timer that will set off if the iPhone is unable to obtain a GPS fix before the calculated (admittedly early) arrival time.

Remember that Wake Me Up relies on the iPhone's GPS to be accurate, to ensure the most accurate functioning, I recommend you sit near a window and hold the iPhone in your hand (preferably beside you out of view if you're planning on sleeping!)

Please contact me at if you're having problems.