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iKata Karate BASIC

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Reference: A reference of the essential BASIC Techniques in traditional Karate.
Education: To help for preparing grades examinations for the Shotokan style of Karate.

Our aim is to help you do more easily your first steps into Karate.
This is a simple and no-frill application that we offer to Karate professors, coaches and parents as a useful educational tool that can be downloaded for free by their white belts students and beginners.

This application helps us to promote fairly our educational applications while it lets you test for free one Kata from our beginner version and one Kata from our Pro version. We thank you for your comprehension and support.
Also please note that your positive votes helps us develop and improve our products: more 5* results means more updates with more content added for free in the future!

iKata is a completely downloaded app, therefore it can be used everywhere and without any connection required.

In this Basic version, the following Shotokan techniques are included :
1. Basic Stands: Zenkutsu Dachi, Kokutsu Dachi, Kiba Dachi.
2. Advanced Stands: Fudo Dachi, Nekoashi Dachi, and an overview of more traditional positions.
3. Basic Techniques: Punches (Tsuki), Defenses (Uke), with their different levels of application.
4. Skilled Techniques: Hands (Te), Basic Kicks (Geri), and an overview of more advanced kicks.
5. Kata for Beginners: Heian Shodan (the first official Kata that white belts need to learn).
6. Traditional Kata: a superior form selected from the iKATA PRO collection.

About the pedagogy: The author is PhD in Sports Sciences specialized in High-Performance Sports Coaching with a solid knowledge of international Kata competitions and in addition to a personal interest on very traditional Japanese Budôs.

Associated to this app: Please have a look to iKata Pro version for a complete collection of traditional Katas (iKata Pro app includes all the Katas for beginners AND advanced levels).