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Sexual dissatisfaction is more common than we think, although many people don´t admit it. Fortunately or unfortunately several factors determine our sexual conduct like our knowledge of sex, our set of values, our emotions, our experiences or the education we have received for example.

All these factors determine the sexual dimension of people, our “sexual self”. According to this it appeared the first approach to the concept of “Sexual Intelligence” introduced by the professors of psychology of the university of Massachusetts Sheeree Conrad and Michael Milburn. They state in their book “Sexual Intelligence” (June 2001) that the erotic dimension of people is determined by their “sex IQ”.

As they say in their book “Sexual Intelligence” (June 2001), this concept can be measured and you can also improve it if you want.

To be sexually intelligent depends on those skills that we are able to achieve, master and upgrade with the experience. Sexual intelligence lets us have better sex relations. It´s not a question related with fate or physical appearance. Everybody can develop and improve their sexual intelligence. Those who have a low score in “Sex IQ” enjoy sex less and feel confused.

According to Conrad and Milburn, sexual intelligence is determined by three factors:

- Information about sexuality: the scientific knowledge we have

- Our “sexual self”: Our thoughts, our feelings, those things we like or those that make us confused.

- The ability to connect: the way we act with others. At least two people are necessary for having sex…

ISexInt is based on the model proposed by Conrad and Milburn. Starting from this theory, a team of psychologists have designed a 25 item test, which is presented in this application.

In this first issue, once you have answered the 25 questions of the test with outmost sincerity, you will obtain a report, based on a 1-5 rating scale, that will help you to know how satisfied you are with your sex life. You will be able to save or share this report, emailing it.

Take advantage of it, you can always improve and you can learn something about yourself and your sex relations. Don´t be afraid to know about yourself and answer sincerely. It is a step forward…