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Do you like to listen to audio books, music and podcasts?
From time to time, you're dozing off while listening to your favorite audio title?
You're annoyed at skimming though the whole title to locate the position where you dozed off?

*** Then DozeGuard is for you! ***

DozeGuard lets you select and play audio titles from your media library and notices when you're dozing off while listening.

To be more precise, DozeGuard allows you to select one or more audio titles from your media library, plays the titles in the selected sequence or in shuffle mode, stops after the last title of the selection or plays continuously, monitors the moves of the device, reminds you to prove you're still awake and stops the current title and records the position in time when you're dozing off.

Next time when you are about to play a title that has been stopped automatically, DozeGuard offers to quickly jump to the position of the last device move or to the position where the title was stopped. In addition, you may use the position slider to navigate to any position in the current title. By moving the finger down, you may adjust the scrubbing speed.

You may choose the time interval in which DozeGuard expects you to move the device between 1 and 60 minutes. Also, you may completely disable the automatic stop. The remaining time is shown graphically and numerically.

DozeGuard reminds you to confirm your alertness by playing a pleasant triad 30, 20 and 10 seconds before the automatic stop. The loudness of these chimes may be adjusted or they may be turned off completely.

You may move the device or tap on the display (if dimmed) to confirm you're still awake.

You may ask DozeGuard to acknowledge your movements after having played a chime with a gentle sound.

The loudness of the currently played title is decreased to allow better recognition of the chimes.

You may activate a sleep timer to stop the current title after a specific time period (1 - 120 minutes). The remaining time is shown on the display graphically and numerically.

The screen is dimmed 30 seconds after the last interaction to minimize distraction.

DozeGuard keeps a list of the last 10 titles, which were stopped.

DozeGuard stores the list of selected titles and activates it at the next start.

AirPlay is supported on iOS 4.

Chimes are played even if the device is muted.

DozeGuard is not playing in the background. If the device is put to sleep by pressing the sleep/wake button, DozeGuard stop the current title.

If DozeGuard is interrupted while playing, e.g. by phone calls, messages or alerts, DozeGuard stops the current title.

The built-in iPod app and DozeGuard are independent of each other.

*** With iOS 8.4, it's no longer possible to select audio books.