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Fraction Reducer

iPhone / iPad
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How often do you come across math in your life?
How often, when you do come across math, does it involve fractions or percents?
And how often, when you come across math involving fractions and (whew) percents, have you stumbled over them, wanting one to be the other, or one to be easier to use?
Fraction Reducer is an app that will take care of both fractions AND percents, so you won't need to bother over complicated math functions trying to change 1647/549 to 3/1, or to change 94/96 to 97.91%!
Any complex fraction (i.e. 94321/2169383) to any simple one (i.e. 1/23) in less than 10 seconds!*
With simple interface, fast algorithms, total compatibility, and more, Fraction Reducer is a hard-to-beat app.

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Version 1.2 (upcoming) pre-release notes: Version 1.2 will include a new Prime Numbers module (called "Primes"), as well as additions to the Percentage module. Version 1.2 also includes a decimal point key for Percentage and Reducer, as well as a "minus" key for Primes.

*There are a few known bugs with the larger numbers, for instance, numbers over 2 billion may generate problems (the highest number that it can reduce so far is 2147483647, or 2 to the 31st power - 1, a prime number). Hopefully these problems will be fixed in v. 1.2. To allow reducing of numbers over 10 million, please go to the preferences screen, and disable the limit there.