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JigsawGeo USA

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Please try our new JigsawGeo instead of this app. The new app, called "JigsawGeo" (without any extensions) includes all previous maps as in-app purchases. We are maintaining the old apps for a short while to allow current customers to transition to the new app. The new JigsawGeo will recognize your existing JigsawGeo purchases and transfer them to the new game.

Place all the states into the United States of America (USA) map. For an extra challenge, the District of Columbia is included (it is REALLY small – can you find it quickly?). The map accurately shows Alaska and Hawaii in their correct positions. There are four difficulty levels: "Traveler" tells you the name of the state and slowly zooms in on its location. “Surveyor” tells you the name of each state, "Navigator" gives you the name of each state’s capital, and "Discoverer" shows you the state flag instead of the outline of the state.

This is a great way for kids and adults to learn geography better. Learn more about the Land of Liberty! Are you a teacher? Tell your parents about this educational app to help your students study the geography of the US. As an additional aid, see our website for a printable PDF map of the USA. It comes in two pages (one with the states labeled, the other blank). You can use it as a USA map quiz or coloring page. Help your kids learn the art of cartography! Our web-based high scores will attract kids who like to compete on video games.

Four levels of play:

+ Traveler: New easier level that slowly zooms in on the right spot

+ Surveyor: Place countries by name

+ Navigator: Place countries by name of their capital

+ Discoverer: Challenging! Place countries by their flag instead of the outline shape

Finish fast enough to earn a high score. You can double-tap the target or drag & drop it into position (drag it from the left or right edge so you can see it better when dropping). The map can be panned by dragging or zoomed in or out by pinching. Both portrait and landscape can be used. You can zoom in quite far -- we have provided an amazing amount of detail so that you can see tiny islands and peninsulas that many other map games do not provide.

“New Game” starts a new game. If you were in the middle of a previous game, you’ll lose your spot and must start over if you click here.

“Resume Game” continues a game. Just go back to the main menu or press the home button to pause the game. Be sure to use this option if you don’t want to lose your place.

“Options” lets you set your default name, choose difficulty level, enable sounds, enable drag & drop, set the finger offset, and enable latitude/longitude grid lines.

“High Scores” shows the top four times for each difficulty level. You can clear the high scores here too.

Try our other JigsawGeo games for other regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, and more! Email us at if you have suggestions for your favorite region that you’d like to see us do next.