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Enter a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. Feel your flight anxiety lessen and melt as the AIRelaxation app guides you through hypnovisualization exercises complete with subliminal alpha rhythm sounds to soothe and calm your nerves. As the stress and fear release their grip on you, you realize that you’re going to be okay. Click “… More” to learn why you should download this App today!

"Visualization can be a powerful tool. Dr. Miller is skilled in guiding visualizations in a way that would be accessible and effective for many people."
- Bruce Garside, PhD, MSW

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“I found the audio tracks extremely relaxing and reassuring. I am a frequent flyer and usually have trouble sleeping on the plane. After listening to these audios I slept like a baby for the first time on a flight. Highly recommended.” 
- Boxelder

You’re booked on a two hour flight to go conduct business for your firm. Because you hate flying, you’re feeling somewhat anxious and you are really not looking forward to your trip.

There’s a family wedding or funeral that you have to attend but it’s more than 3,000 miles away. You have no choice, you have to travel by plane to get there. Trouble is, you’re terrified of flying and you’re absolutely dreading the experience. Your fingernails will be dug into the armrest the whole way. It’s a double whammy for you, too. Once you get there, you still have to fly back. As you lay there unable to sleep, you wish with all your might that there was another way.

Whether your flight phobia is mild or severe, AIRelaxation can help reduce your stress and anxiety. You’ll enter a deep state of relaxation, without pills or medication of any kind.

AIRelaxation is a hypnovisualization technique designed by Dr. Norman Miller. Through the use of stereo audio tracks and subliminal alpha rhythm sounds, Dr. Miller’s unique method guides you away from the fear and anxiety naturally.

Hypnovisualization is a technique used to harness the conceptual power of the mind. It uses guided narration to inspire visual images which can be seen in great detail. In other words the listener is asked to create images in his mind and use these to modify a large number of negative thoughts and behaviors.

The program consists of a 20 minute exercise to be listened to at home as well as 10 minute pre-takeoff and pre-landing audio tracks to be listened to while on the aircraft. These three short hypnovisualization exercises deeply relax and allow the listener to visualize flight in a completely unique way. Specially engineered background music includes subliminal alpha sounds that mimic the activity of the relaxed brain.

The soothing narration by Dr. Miller reassures and instructs simultaneously. Dr. Miller’s experience as a pilot has allowed him to understand the basic element of flight phobia: fear of falling through a void. He shows the listener how supportive air can be in his unique manner of guided visualization.

Features included in the AIRelaxation app to help you:
* Includes subliminal alpha rhythm sounds
* Digitally recorded in stereo 
* Suitable for frequent and occasional flyers
* Individual audio tracks devoted to take-off and landing
* Pre flight relaxation audio designed to be listened to at home
* Easy, touch screen buttons
* Uploadable to mobile devices
* Suitable for helping anyone relax, whether they fear flying or not
* This helpful tool is always available on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Don’t take another flight without using AIRelaxation. Download the app now so that you can fly in a much more calmer, more comfortable state of mind.