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inningZ Cricket Scorer

iPhone / iPad
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Trusted by official cricket match scorers around the world since June 2010, thousands of matches have been accurately scored and our stunningly beautiful HTML scorecards passed around family and friends of the players. You now have the choice of uploading ball-by-ball details to Our new cloud service that allows anyone to search for and analyze own or opposition player records.

Do you play Cricket? With colleagues, friends and family? During Weekends? Some weekdays too, maybe?

Here is to all of you cricket fans and clubs, a scoring app for cricket! Record ball-by-ball action of your cricket matches as it happens on the cricket field and produce a professional quality scorecard for all to see.

inningZ for iPhone is a simple to use, yet sophisticated scoring app. It's wizardly interface will take you thru the initial setup required for a match and then thru each and every ball, recording ball by ball action, just like a professional scorer will do. No missing deliveries, no missing runs or extras.

(Version 2.0 or inningZ supports uploading scores to for record keeping and statistical mining.

Visit to register as a statistician for your team or league. It takes only a few seconds to setup a free Statistics Box. Once registered team or league scorers uploads scorecards for approval by their Statistician. Once approved, batting, bowling and fielding stats become searchable and viewable to your friends and family).


1. Easy match and team roster setup (teams sheets can be reused, reducing data entry).

2. Easy, organized interface to capture ball-by-ball action.

3. Undo up to last 12 balls (you cant remember what happened before that, can you?)

4. A stunning HTML formatted scorecard. You will love the full scorecard and the depth of information it provides. Trust us, it is a great piece of work; your art work, on our canvas!

5. View ball-by-ball action commentary.

6. Transfer match data between devices using BlueTooth.

7. Email full html scorecards or post match summary to your statistician and/or upload it your site

8. No redundant data entry. Balls faced, singles, maidens, etc are some that require slashing off multiple boxes and numbers while scoring on paper.

9. Useful for umpires. Easily confirm ball count with the scorer or decide on player of the match awards.

10. Store up to 20 matches at a time.

11. Post match summary onto your Facebook wall anytime during or after a match.

12. Customizable scoring rules: Penalty runs/balls for noballs, wides, # of overs per inning, # of overs per bowler, etc can all be changed to suit your needs. You can even change the number of balls per over.

13. Export match statistics to CSV (comma separated values for use in spreadsheet or other custom built applications) and/or MXP (for importing into Red Axe's Cricket Statz software) formats.

14. Wagon Wheel based scoring allows you to analyze and master proper batting techniques.

and more....with inningZ you wont miss a beat!

Now, when the on-field official calls "Play", you just tap Play. Then, when he hops and taps his thigh, you tap LegByes. When he draws your attention to all those white fluffy clouds, you tap OUT. In other words, all you need to do is acknowledge official's signals and just tap, tap, tap on our 'Play' view. All of the related statistical information will be automatically updated as and when each ball is input.

Calling upon all the cricketers in the world: Score. Analyze. Improve!!!!!

Step onto the podium! And, munch on your laurels, in the years to come!!!!