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36% of students said they would NOT report hazing primarily because "there's no one to tell."


Learn, Prevent, Report:
The Anti-Hazing iPhone App was developed by Group Interactive Networks (GIN), along with an advisory committee of hazing experts, in order to provide an easy, handheld way for ANYONE to learn about, prevent, and report hazing as it occurs. Because we believe that ending hazing has to begin with an understanding of what hazing is and why it’s problematic, the App includes information on identifying hazing behaviors, hidden dangers of hazing, and links to valuable resources for prevention.

This is a FREE App. Download it now to learn about and prevent Hazing.

Along with this resource information, the App allows a user to document and report hazing behavior—when they see it happening. How does it work? The App allows users to provide details on an observed incident, along with photos or video. All provided information is submitted confidentially and anonymously, if desired. With the Anti-Hazing iPhone App, users have a mobile resource for learning about hazing and more importantly, taking action.

How a User Submits a Report:
1. The user selects the organization(s) that will receive the report.
2. The user enters optional information - who, what, where and when-about the hazing event.
3. The user selects photo(s) and/or video(s) that will be submitted, if desired.
4. The user reviews the information and clicks the submit button. A message will pop up to confirm that the information was sent.

After a report is submitted, administrators/officers of the organization chosen to receive the report get an instant email and text message that there is a new hazing report. The administrators/officers then login to a website to view the photos/videos/details from the report.

Benefits of the App to Users:
The Anti-Hazing App makes it easy for users to learn about and report hazing, right from their mobile phones.
• It’s free! (anyone in the USA can download the free iPhone App right from the AppStore)
• It’s mobile and accessible at any time
• Provides access to resources and state-by-state facts about hazing
• Allows for recording and reporting hazing to organizations
• Acts as a deterrent, since people now know there are (iPhone) cameras all over campus and other places
• It takes the guesswork out of knowing who to call or how to report an incident

If your organization is interested using this App, contact Group Interactive Networks (GIN) for details. Call 888-GIN-System (888-446-7978) or email us at
You can also visit for more information.
Tell us the primary contact name, address, phone number and email address. And mail a check for 1-year’s payment. Within 3 business days you will receive a username and password to access incoming hazing reports, as well as marketing materials and other information to help you enjoy all of the benefits of this App. It’s that quick and easy to help make a difference!

High Schools, Universities, Greek Councils, Associations or Greek Life Offices can pay a small annual fee for use of the App and the ability to access hazing reports. The annual fee includes setup, reports, customer service, security, backups, text messaging costs, regular updates required by Apple… everything.

More Information:
If you would like more information about hazing, simply download this FREE App now.
If you are an organization that is interested in preventing hazing with this App, visit
If you are ready to sign up your organization for this App, email us at or call 888-GIN-System (888-446-7978)