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Lotus flute * music instrument with accelerometer support*

iPhone / iPad
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Lotus flute * music instrument with accelerometer support*

Never has been making music so easy - even with the iPhone

This very simple app that realistically simulates extremely simple musical instrument that is also known as Children's slide whistle. Now realy everyboy can pay a musical instrument

Its such easy:
Drag the slider by means of a simple finger movement to the desired pitch and blow into the built-in microphone. iPod Touch users require a headset option with an attached microphone. Through the pure and Pull out the piston changes the pitch within an octave or voice. This pitch range can also be altered by tilting the iPhone up or down to each one octave. Overall, it can be played 30 notes on the C-major scale (per voice is actually not only 7 special 10 notes, which are covered by the slide, the layers overlap) in several colors.

Information about the real Lotus Flute:
Called The Lotus flute, flute or even Piston Slide Whistle, is a woodwind instrument. This flute-like musical instrument is tuned by actuation of a tension rod in its pitch, while moving a piston in a cylinder. The breathing is basically identical to that of the recorder.

Playing style:
By pulling or pushing of the rod is the length of the resonance line varies, thereby changing the pitch accordingly. By pulling out of the tension member increases the resonator. A shorter resonant length produces a higher tone longer than one.

This app uses the built-in microphone and speaker of the iPhone. For use of the App on iPod Touch, you need a headset with an attached microphone. In this case, the built-in speaker can not be used!

For further questions please send us an email and visit our website.

Have fun making music