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"Rediscover Your Music™"

Because you deserve it!

--Take complete control of your music player.
Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, play 10 second preview, switch playlists, or shuffle your songs without looking at your phone! Its seamless and perfect for working out or any other time you can't look at your phone.

--Easily create playlists.
Whenever you get the urge, you will really enjoy creating new playlists for yourself and others. With the ability to slice and dice your music library you will be creating fantastic playlists in no time. Then share them with your friends through email or BlueTooth.

--Preview any song while in Playlist editing mode.

--Create, update, and/or delete playlists on the go.

--The App that keeps on giving!
This app is heavily used by the developer (everyday) so rest assured that there are many new features in the pipeline. If you happen to miss an update you can find your new tools in the Tools section. Currently a new sleep timer, alarm clock, and new album artwork browser make their debut.

This app will absolutely provide everything you need to completely manage your music while on the go! Whether you have the time to sit and enjoy an album art slide show or if you want to control your music without looking at your phone, MusicStick has you covered. You decide!

Other Benefits
--Email your playlists (in-app created or iTunes created)
--Access all of your playlists by moving the center knob up or down.
--Integrates seamlessly with your iPod library. Access the iPod app at any time by double pressing the device's home button

Quick Tips
--Preview songs in forward or reverse. Drag the center knob to the right or left of the phone and hold it. A ten second preview will play. Release the knob to allow the song to continue to play. Continue to hold to preview more songs in the current playlist.

--Drag and release center knob to right or left of phone to skip to next song or previous song.
--- Double tap the center knob to see options
---"Left-Handed" operation can be enabled. This will switch the direction of the forward and reverse operations.

--- Works with all playlist types (even Genius playlists!)

*****IMPORTANT ****

If you notice strange behavior here are a few things you should try:

- Make sure you have a songs in your library
-Check that your repeat mode
- Make sure you have the repeat mode set to repeat all (instead of repeat 1 or repeat None)
-Check your shuffle status icon
If you notice general lagging, consider resetting your device. This should fix most problems.

-If you still have problems, please don't hesitate to email customer support at