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Pad Math

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Your child will learn in school to master the tricky long division and multi-digit multiplication, addition and subtraction math questions. Make learning and practicing fun and easy with Pad Math - the most flexible and interactive problem solving engine on the iPad!!

1. Brilliant animated graphics, animated icons, and sounds!!
2. A Test Mode which will challenge your math skills. Choose from many options for test generation including: number of test questions, specific operators, number ranges. When you are finished, have the test graded. If any are incorrect, you can choose to review and correct those math questions.
3. An interactive Practice Mode so that the student can practice and see right away any incorrect answer digit as it is being drawn on the board. Sound and a red highlight around the incorrect digit will alert the student to an incorrect digit.
4. Handles flexible problem solving styles. The student can fill in as much or as little intermediate calculations (like carry/borrow notation, intermediate multi-digit multiplication products, or intermediate long division subtractions) since many students have their own styles of solving problems.
5. Full capability multi digit math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
6. A History pane which tracks performance on the last 10 tests.
7. Four chalk color choices for easy readability.
8. A Preferences screen to choose: the types of math questions to practice (problem generation), the chalk colors, and presentation options.
9. A Help screen which provides instructions.
10. Basic Times and Add Tables are included for reference.

Quick How-to-Play Description:
1. Use the default settings to try out general random problems or go to the "Preferences" menu to choose the specific kinds of problems you want to solve. All mathematical answers are maximum 6 digits in length.
2. The screen will show number digits on the right side (0-9). Touch/Drag those onto the chalkboard pad to the left of the screen on the spot you would normally put them on when solving math problems. You will see red squares light up as you pass over the chalkboard pad denoting a possible place to drop the digit.
3. Drop the digit on the desired highlighted square. If you drop it on an existing digit, it will be used for "carry" info above that digit.
4. If the dropped digit is incorrect, the square will remain highlighted. Carry/Borrow info won't be numerically checked as it could mean different things during the course of solving a problem.
5. If you don't like the dropped digit where it's at, simply tap on it to get rid of it.
6. Repeat until the answer is correct. A green check mark appears for the interactive practice mode.
7. Swipe from right to left to go to the next problem. Additionally in test mode, swipe from left to right so that you can go to the previous problem as well.