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txeet - SMS templates

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Productivity
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Compose SMS with 3000+ templates such as: miss-you, good nights, jokes, pickup lines, wise words, valentine messages, etc..

Have fun texting! Get txeet now! (=^_^=)

Features in Paid App (and not in Free App)
✮ Ad-free
✮ Automatically download new lingo and emoticons once a month
✮ More premium features coming in future versions!

More features in the App:

♠ There are currently 3000+ templates, and we are constantly adding new ones
♠ Surprise your friends with creative and funny messages
♠ You can SMS, email or even copy to use them in other apps eg. Facebook, twitter

♥ A dictionary of emoticons for referencing and composing SMS
♥ Give a flower @}--\-,---
♥ Show a clown smile :o)
♥ Are you kidding me? ( o_o)

♦ A dictionary of SMS lingo for referencing and composing SMS
♦ CUIMD - See you in my dreams
♦ LtsGt2gthr - Lets get together
♦ 4yeo - For your eyes only

Style messages
♣ This is an innovative feature to style the text messages. Four styles are as follows:
♣ RanDom sCramBling Of tHe CapS
♣ Ádd lätin accëntuätion for à dïffèréñt grøöve
♣ Sacmlbre the leetetrs but it is siltl raeladbe
♣ Rmov vwls frm th mssngrs and srprs thm tht it is yt rdble