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Atlas of Human Anatomy

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1: Bones of the skull.
2: Bones of the skull.
3: Bones of the trunk.
4: Bones of the trunk.
5: Bones of the upper limb.
6: Bones of the lower limb.
7: Ligaments of the head, vertebral column, pelvis, and upper limb.
8: Ligaments of the vertebral column, pelvis, and lower limb.
9: Muscles of the face and neck.
10: Muscles of palate, jaw, neck, and back.
11: Muscles of the face, trunk, arms, and feet.
12: Muscles of the torso and arms.
13: Muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, and arm.
14: Muscles of the anterior and lateral surface of the legs.
15: Muscles of the dorsal and medial surface of the legs.
16: Heart and its openings.
17: Blood vessels of the neck and head.
17a: Arteries of the head, neck and pelvis.
18: Arteries of the upper limb, torso and the vessels of the proximal thigh.
19: Blood vessels of the neck, thorax, and abdomen and arm forearm and hand.
20: Veins of the arm, forearm and hand, the perineum and pelvis.
21: Arteries of the pelvis, thigh, leg and foot.
22: Lymph vessels and lymph nodes and the lymphatic system on the right and left sides of the body.
23: Brain and cerebellum.
24: Brain (with its arteries) and the spinal cord.
25: Nerves of the head and neck.
26: Nerves of the head and the origin of spinal (cord) nerves.
27: Nerves of the posterior, side and external surface of the thorax. Nerves of the external and internal portions of the male perineum and pelvis.
28: Nerves of the dorsal surface of the upper limb and of the anterior surface of the lower limb.
29: Nerves of the anterior surface of the upper limb and the posterior surface of the lower extremity.
30: Sympathetic and sensory nerves.
31: Visual and hearing apparatus.
32: Smell, taste and vocal cords.
33: Organs of the thorax and abdomen.
34: Digestive system of the abdominal cavity.
35: Thoracic and abdominal viscera (seen from ventral and dorsal sides).
36: Urinary and sex organs.
37: Fetal circulation, larynx, cecum and teeth.


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