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打小人 Villain Hitting

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(English description follows)

### 版本 1.1 讓你選擇將小人名字放上公開的 小人排行榜。看看誰是最"受歡迎"的小人。###



所有小人也該打。將小人打走,解開鬱結,以求事事順意 。

1. 任意選取你的敵人相片
2. 棒打不同身體部位,可有不同詛咒
3. 詛咒由專人唸出 (真人發聲)
4. 拍下施法過程,傳到你的 Facebook 相簿


Practice an ancient Chinese voodoo electronically!
A fun way to curse your villains and bring yourself luck and prosperity.

### Version 1.1 let you choose to publish your villain's name to a public Top Villains Chart. Let's see who are the most 'popular' villains. ###

Having a bad luck lately? Everything seems to go wrong?

According to some Chinese folklore, there might be some spiritual enemies, or real-life villains who prevent you from having a healthy life, falling in love, advancing your career, etc.

Villain Hitting is a popular ritual performed by people in the Guangdong area of China, including Hong Kong. Through this ritual, you can curse your enemies, bring bad luck to them and bring yourself luck and prosperity.

Now, with this iPhone app, you can practice this wonderful Chinese voodoo anytime, anywhere, with your iPhone. You can curse general spiritual enemies and pray for good health and fortune for yourself, or place a photo of your real-life villain into the app and beat the heck out of him/her.

1. Use a photo of your villain for cursing
2. Different curses available when hitting at different body parts
3. Hear the wicked but funny curses
4. English translation of the curses available for your enjoyment
5. Take a photo of your villain being tortured, and post it to your Facebook album

(Please note that this application is for entertainment purpose only. There is no scientific proof that the ritual will bring any actual effect.)