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Holy Quran is the most adored and followed book, which was sent by Allah Ta'allah on his Ummah and Hazrath Muhammed.The glorious prophet ordained by Allah Ta'allah to spread his holy scripture. To a Muslim, it is fardh to send Daroods on Holy Prophet.
It has been observed by various Ullemas that Darood Shareef has proved cure for certain problems and diseases too! The latitude of its qualities of cure can not be confined to this small booklet. Only few mujarrab Daroods have been selected from this vast ocean for benefits of Momens. Mujrebaa'ts (Well Tried) Daroods are used by Bazurgaan-e-Deen to cure their ills and those of their followers. These chosen Daroods are sure cure for Moral and Temporal ills.
These are being reproduced for benefit of Muslims with the belief that they will eventually benefited. Reading daroods should be done the faith "Kamel" and trust that they will do their work efficiently. One should not get impatient as Allah Talla grants relief and shafaa' in time to come. For best results read daroods after fajr salaah, with raised hands like in duas and gently rub the hands on your face, intoning Allah's grandeur.
Insha Allah all problems will be cured through good offices of Prophet, (Sallal laho alayhi wassalam)