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Oscillatr Pro

iPhone / iPad
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"Oscillatr Pro" transforms your iPhone/iPod touch into a powerful and functional test tone oscillator.
The test tone oscillator can produce tones within the audible field, from 20Hz to 20kHz.
It features a revolutionary keypad consisting of 31 bands and 1/3 octave, which allows you to directly access frequency distribution, and supports various graphic equalizers. You can access to a wide range of audible fields.
The application also contains functions that are suitable for searching characteristics of a room or howling spot, or tuning an instrument.

・Access to arbitrary frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz using the 1/3 octave keypad.
・Selectable waveforms: sine, square, triangle and saw waves.
・Entering arbitrary frequencies allows you to access the frequency that you want to hear.
・Access to 6 types of configurable frequencies.
・Set start and stop frequency by using the AutoSweep function. Sweep steps can be set to 1Hz, 10Hz or 1/12 octave (chromatic) .
・Play pink or white noise.
・Features an in-app web browser. Access the web for information without switching applications.
(Available only when there is an Internet connection.)

1st screen "31 PAD"
・ Touch keypad of 31 bands and 1/3 octave to access arbitrary frequencies.
・ Tune frequency supporting various graphic equalizers.
・ Selectable waveforms: sine, square, triangle and saw waves.

2nd screen "Autosweep & Noise"
This mode features an AutoSweep function that allows you to search the characteristics of rooms or equipments quickly and widely.

"Arbitrary frequency play function"
・Specify frequency accurately by touching the field (blue characters) where the frequency is displayed .
・The frequency slider moves up to 1/12 octave (chromatic) and allows you to search from low to high frequency.

"AutoSweep function"
・Auto sweep works by specifying the start and end point at 1Hz ,10Hz or 1/12 octave (chromatic)*.
・Directly enter numbers for Start Freq (Start Frequency) and End Freq (End Frequency) by tapping on each field. The unit is Hz.
・Select moving steps from 3 patterns.

"Noise function"
・Play pink or white noise. You can play either pink or white noise while pressing the button.

3rd screen "6 OSC"
・Features 6 frequency windows that you can set up and 6 sliders that quickly searches frequencies
(You can save frequency).
・Moving the slider works as a tone oscillator with 1/12 octave (chromatic).
・It carries Save and Load function of Setting. Users data can be saved in Bank A and Bank B.

4th screen「Setting」
・Master Frequency Field: Set "Master Frequency".(Please use when calibrating)
・By adjusting Calibration Factor Field and Calibration Factor Slider , you can calibrate the Master Frequency.
Calibration Factor Slider can be adjusted between -0.15% ~ +0.15%.
・Test Tone Switch: Plays the digit of Master Frequency. Use it with Calibration Factor Slider when calibrating.
・Portament switch:Activating this switch enables you to change frequencies smoothly.
・Right Phase Invert Switch : Reverses the phase of right channel.
*If Phase Switch is On, you may have sound problem. Be careful. If Phase Switch is On ,you will see the ”Phase” sign on "Tab bar" (screen bellow).

5th screen "Web info"
・Features an in-app web browser. Access the web for information without switching applications. (Available only where there is an Internet connection.)

"Oscillatr Pro" Video Tutorial
"31 PAD"
"Sweep & Noise"
"6 OSC"

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