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Pietjesbak is a simple and competitive game played with 3 dice which are traditionally thrown in a wooden octogonal box from which the game gets its Flemish name.
The variant played here is called 69 (sixty-nine) and is played as follows :
You are playing against iPhone and by turn have to throw the 3 dice inside the frame a maximum of three times.
Each player gets at the start 9 strokes.
The initial start order is decided by (system) coin-toss .
The first to play can chose between 1, 2 or 3 throws. The best throw counts.
The number of times the first player throws will determine the number of times the next player is allowed to throw.
You throw the dice by shaking the device.
The best throw at each turn will result in erasing one or more strokes for the winner of the turn.
The player having first all strokes erased wins the game
* time constrained game:
* 20 seconds per turn
* no time limit per game
*Points counting rules described in flip-over screen accessible via button i at any time during game.
* you can restart the game as often as you want, the score is displayed on the screen
* warning: addictive game!

Screen information :
The performance of both players can be followed in the lower part of the screen :
First line : the combination at each throw (maximum three per turn)
Second line : the highest result of each turn (HiRes) , the number of throws (Numb) and the resulting number of strokes to be erased or added (Str)
The third line represents the 9 strokes for each player .
The last line indicates the current time and the estimated progress of the game .

What's coming:
We are working on a new update integrating the gamekit technology and allowing to play the game with two players on different iPhones.

If you have any technical problems please email us at
For more information please visit :