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Mobile Mirror Free

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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Mobile Mirror Free was developed to illustrate the speed and functionality of Mobile Mirror for cotton gins. It is NOT useful for monitoring a real gin as it connects only to a test unit located at Samuel Jackson headquarters in Lubbock, Texas USA. Other uses have come to mind for an otherwise limited application. We thank our customers and co-workers for the following great ideas!

1)Wanting to impress a friend with your technological capability in a cotton gin that may not even have a Moisture Mirror? This app is great! Fire it up, gaze a few moments at the screen, and thoughtfully say, “I am going to have to speak with the gin superintendent about that production last shift. It needs to be higher.”

2)Are budgets a bit thin? Is moisture restoration capability leaving something to be desired? Use this app to display the Cash Counter in front of your friends and say, “We only made $______ of money for our growers? Obviously, I need to do some fine tuning!”

3)Do you find yourself on a bad date or with a nagging spouse and need to get away? Fire up this app, take a look at the numbers changing on your screen, and with a concerned expression, explain that production is heading south fast and you need to take care of things at the gin as soon as possible.

As you play with this free app, you may come up with even better ideas. Share them with us!

All joking aside, the Mobile Mirror Free will show you what is possible in your gin.

Using this app, observe how critical data like production rate, recent shift production totals, moisture measurements, and ambient weather conditions make you feel like you are standing at the control console in an operating gin, whenever you want to be there, no hearing protection required!

The “Cash Counter” illustrates how the Mobile Mirror displays the economic impact made by the moisture control equipment in real time. Try adjusting the cotton price for the calculations directly from your iPhone on the test unit. As each bale of cotton is produced, the economic impact is updated based on the moisture regain.

This app does not make use of Samuel Jackson's Remote Access Service. No configuration or setup by you is required. No purchase of any Samuel Jackson products or services is needed to run this. We welcome your comments and feedback.