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Majmua Dua's

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Every du'a is not answered in the positive, however righteous the supplicant may be, for Allah is Master, Knower, Seer, and has power over all things and is not controlled by our requests. Our hearts must be pure and sincere and devoid of any grievance or resentment towards anyone when we make du 'a. Thus, the cleaner our lives, the more will our petitions be granted. Du'a must not be a repetition of certain magic formulae. Instead, we must know what we are saying and our hearts must be filled with fear and hope, anxiety and restlessness, when we supplicate. To decide upon a matter beforehand and then make du'a as if seeking Allah's legitimisation of our wishes, prejudices, predilections, etc., is self-delusion, and a curse, and is tantamount to putting Allah, Most High, to test. Also, we must never try to predetermine the result of our prayer, but instead, we must submit with a weeping heart when we lay our petitions to Allah and be willing to accept cheerfully whatever He may decree. This app has some dua's that are useful for us in many conditions. Allah will reward us if we read these dua's with pure and sincere heart.