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Birds of the World - eBirdsW - A Bird App

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Birds of the World - eBirdsW - A Bird App is a member of the World Life Forms family of products designed to provide easy to use, powerful tools for accessing images and information of the world's diverse life forms.

With over 2,111 life forms with images (counts by order are below) eBirdsW and an additional 2,800 life forms without images can serve as a reference tool for biologists, educators and students. The life forms are accessible by common name, latin name and taxonomy.

Each life form is presented with an image, a textual description, and it's taxonomy tree. Maps are also included for many of the life forms.

A free sampler, eLifeFormsW - A Search Life Forms Sampler is available for free download and review. We strongly recommend all interested customers download and sample the demonstration version before buying our paid for products. This "try before you buy" policy allows for interacting with the user interface, content sampling and overall review of the presentation. As regular users of wild life reference materials, we believe our products are best positioned as a supplement to the field guides, software identification tools, atlases and other animal and plant life compendiums and not a replacement.

Taxon Order Counts

Anseriformes (Duck And Geese) 100
Apodiformes (Swift And Hummingbird) 426
Apterygiformes (Kiwis) 1
Caprimulgiformes (Nightjar) 15
Casuariiformes (Cassowary) 2
Charadriiformes (Shorebird) 180
Ciconiiformes (Herons And Allies) 54
Columbiformes (Pigeon And Dove) 58
Coraciiformes (Kingfisher) 52
Cuculiformes (Cuckoo And Roadrunner) 21
Falconiformes (Eagles Hawks Falcons) 83
Galliformes (Fowl) 105
Gaviiformes (Loons) 5
Gruiformes (Cranes And Allies) 43
Musophagiformes (Turacos) 4
Opisthocomiformes(Hoatzin) 1
Passeriformes (Perching) 500
Pelecaniformes (Pelican) 28
Piciformes (Woodpecker And Toucan) 91
Podicepediformes (Grebes) 8
Procellariiformes(Albatross And Allies) 19
Psittaciformes (Parrots) 112
Sphenisciformes (Penguins) 9
Strigiformes (Owl) 34
Struthioniformes (Ostrich) 8
Tinamiformes (Tinamouse) 2
Trogoniformes (Trogon) 28
Turniciformes (Buttonqual) 2