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This is an old version for estimating stopwatch, Estimer. A new iOS 7 specified version is now called StopwatchEst. StopwatchEst has all the functionality in Estimer and more: In StopwatchEst, the start time delay is enabled.

Estimer will not be updated anymore. For some time you, can compare the classic Estimer style and the new facelifted version named StopwatchEst.

Beforehand I made a plan for the run. There is already a group "Track and Field" and there is a plan "1500 m". There I added the stops/distances where I will take the times.

Of course you can create other groups and other plans, and they all will be saved. And not all stops have to be used in estimating. You can plan and decide what times ( in distances) are used as estimating references.

After the plan is ready I can just select the plan and wait the run starting.

I shake my iPhone and clock starts running. It can be also started by touching the "Go" button, but shaking is smoother. You do not have to concentrate on your iPhone, you can concentrate totally to the run.

First stop is coming, shake, the time is taken. Again it is easier to take the time by shaking… touch is possible.

Next stop is coming. I took the time too early by a mistake… No problem, just go back to the previous stop by touching the "-" button inside the blue distance button area.

Next stop. I missed that. Is all estimating now impossible? No, skip the missed stop by touching the "+" button, in the blue button.

All the time you see the the estimate for the final time. Estimated by using the latest split speed, and if you want, by using the average speed.

You see also the progress. If the estimate is better than the previous estimate, the difference is in green, if worse, it is red.

And finally the finish, final time. All the statistics is saved and you can copy paste it where ever you want.

This will be the last version of Estimer. Later only Estimer Lite will be updated, and there is already a new version waiting for a review, with all the Estimer's functionality plus more... The old, classic, Estimer is stayed for a while, so you can compare the Estimers. The new Estimer Lite is a face lifted, lighter version for iOS 7.